Reset your hormones | Detox your body| Release your fat

This Program Is For You If:

You have the need to totally refresh your body biochemistry

You need to regain a healthy waistline measurement

Other strategies have let you down

You are tired of trying methods that just don’t work

You’ve tried so hard, so many times, so many ways.

You’ve been counting and measuring your food, tracking your weights, jumping from diet to diet and machine to machine, tapping, meditating and thinking right. You’ve had results and failures. You’ve felt guilty and frustrated. You’re wearing clothes to hide your body instead of what you like.

I’ve been there too. I’ve felt it. And I’ve felt what it’s like to release.

Micromanaging becomes very controlling: Look at all you’ve been doing to try to change your body and how you feel about it. Did you know there is a 95% long-term failure rate in the health, fitness and weight loss industries? Why is this? Because YOU are an individual. There is no single solution that suits everyone. 

What if I told you it wasn’t your fault.

What if I told you your success and failure was all down to your hormones. You know how temperamental they can be, right? Well there’s even more to it than that. We are going to reset your hormones, detox your body and release your fat.

What To Expect

Over 8 weeks you will:

  • Balance your hormones
  • Remove stored toxins from your body as you release your fat
  • Reduce allergies
  • Resolve digestive problems
  • Break habits
  • Normalize blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Gain a substantial increase in energy levels
  • Potentially decrease or stop medications
  • Release up to 7-10kg of fat
  • Lose cm’s, cellulite and sculpt your body whilst maintaining your muscle mass!
  • Reset your metabolism
  • Feel comfortable in your own body

In the four weeks I did the program, I lost 9.9kgs. More importantly, my mind is clearer, my energy is more sustained, and I feel AMAZING. I am on maintenance and have stayed within +/- 800g for the last three weeks.  Being an entrepreneur, I can tend to fall into running on adrenaline quite easily, which I now understand impacts my other hormones significantly. 

Tash Corbin

How does it work?

Under my guidance you will follow a prescribed eating plan and take the recommended supplements to facilitate fat release, detoxification, reset your master hormones and to remedy your specific body needs.

This is a tried and tested program that I have used in-clinic for the past 9 years and with several hundred beautiful people. It is suited to both men and women.

The price is $550 – $850 for the 8 week program and includes an initial supply of supplements (dependent upon the amount of support you require).

* Payment plan available

* You may need to purchase further supplements in the latter part of the program or if you have a specific need.

Bonus: cookbook and Flower Essence Formulae for emotional support

Start at any time that suits you.


You will have:

✅ All programs require an initial Revitalise Session to check this is the right program for you. This is included in your program price

✅ A weekly 1:1 check-in via phone or video to help you remain on track, accountable and to have your questions answered (dependent upon the amount of support you require)

✅ A private Facebook group for group support and personal accountability, live group discussions if you wish

✅ Extra written notes on different topics

✅ Optional testing for food sensitivities $245

✅ Optional hormone testing $202/ $285 depending on testing ordered

✅ Me, holding your hand with personal attention and consultation as required

This is an intensive and personalized program, and as such requires an initial conversation to join – please fill in your name, phone and email

Case Study – Tash Corbin, Heart-Centred Business Coach

Do you want help to identify and resolve the causes of you being unwell and not ‘the you’ that you want to be?

I’m Jeanette Shipston, I’m a Women’s Vitality Specialist, and I am here to help you.

If you are eating the things that aren’t right for you I’m going to tell you to change your ways.

Pasta carbonara and weight release do not go together. On that, if you tell me you are aiming for an ideal weight of 90kg , we need to talk.

We will cut through the message of being fat, tired and confused.

I will say things to you that your best friend won’t but guess what, I’ve also got the answers for you and I’ll say it lovingly.

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