thJ9WSZLL6In the past 23 years of practice, one product range has been a standout for me. For forteen years I have used this range in my bathroom and home, for personal care, skin care and cosmetics and for cleaning, and as a naturally sourced range of nutritionals. Recently rebranded as Modere, the legacy company is 27 years old with a reputation for being green and providing safety-conscious products.

I want you to feel better, look better and to live better, and I want to share this range with you. By using these products you have the ability to choose safe, effective and conscious products. We have approached modern health by eliminating controversial chemicals – over 3000 of them – in the products you use every day.

We are on a mission!

The company mission is ten million healthy homes around the globe.


My personal mission is to help one thousand mums earn $1000 per month by sharing the message of healthy homes and bodies. This is not an MLM company – this is social retailing. Just referrals for safe products 🙂

Modere products are backed by top quality research, conscious craftsmanship, and a dedication to safer ingredient selection unparalleled in the industry. Our sourcing is ethical and transparent, formulations are carefully considered, and our products not only work for you, but work exceptionally well.

I want my children to inherit a clean and healthy world. These products are bio-friendly, good for you, good for the family, the budget and the environment.

What we value. What is important!

This company values:

  • Carbon Offset ProgramthS81NDON7
  • Biodegradable products
  • Recycled packaging
  • Manufacturing energy-saving best practices
  • Bio-friendly formulas
  • Green printing processes and print substrates
  • Concentrated formulas to reduce landfill
  • Green packaging material in shipping boxes
  • No animal testing
  • Avoidance of surfactants and harsh chemicals
  • Grey water friendly products
  • Modere Packaging Covenant

How can I get access?

You may access these products as a customer: earning shopping credits on your purchases and for referrals to others. Or you can promote and earn as a Social Marketer: earning an income by promoting a healthy lifestyle and trusted effective products. No matter which you choose, we all pay the same price for our products. This is not MLM!

Check out the range at this page.  Open your own account/ register your name and put in 9w9s7e as the referral code if it doesn’t show up– this will link you to me and give us both some extra benefits including $10 off your first purchase – and check out the shop and products. Need help? Contact me ……


Why you want to use these products.

Back to the chemicals: very briefly, here’s why you want to avoid them.

It would be very naïve to think that everything in this world was good for us. Our bodies are bombarded by poisons, sprays, plastics, processed foods and stress. Many of these toxic elements produce xeno-oestrogens: chemicals that mimic the natural oestrogen we all produce. In turn this causes an imbalance in the hormone cycle producing symptoms of oestrogen dominance like menstrual problems, weight gain, bloating, cysts, mood swings, depression, and loss of libido and fertility problems.


These toxins are in our bathroom products, cleaning products and perfumes. Add to that our eating patterns, pesticides, alcohol, radiation, pharmaceuticals and exhaust fumes and we have a high production of free radicals causing damage to our bodies. Are you aware of the research showing that 884 of 2983 chemicals used in cosmetics were found to be toxic? This included 125 suspected carcinogens and 25 suspected of causing birth defects. Please contact me for links to the research.

Even when we try to avoid ‘the bad stuff’ we are still exposed by our daily living habits: mobile phones, pollution and everyday stressors. This leads to health issues like obesity, heart disease, cancers and the deficiency of particular nutrients. Taking some well-chosen nutrients could protect and really help your health!