Naturopathic Yoga

 Integrated naturopathic approach with yoga movement and philosophy.

Wish you could LOVE Yoga?

We’ve all heard about the benefits to our health and wellbeing. Lots of people know about yoga, but relatively few follow up with the actual practice.

Scientific studies have clear data supporting the use of yoga as a healing option for depression, anxiety, cancer, insulin resistance, pregnancy, stress, chronic fatigue, digestive health plus many more health conditions.

Naturopathic Yoga is a little bit special

Wonderful yogini, Amy Mingin, who also happens to be a naturopath, has put together specific flows for specific health conditions.

The pre-recorded videos have ten to twenty minute flows for you to fit into your day at your leisure, and to enhance your healing, no matter if you are totally inflexible or new to yoga.

There are mindfulness and breathing techniques, meditations, gentle yoga sequences and poses suitable for beginners and for those who are experienced.

I have been prescribing these alongside dietary, supplemental and lifestyle measures.

We have specific flows to aid the thyroid, adrenals, your liver and digestion, to gently combat stress, for pre-conception and pregnancy care, and as part of an oncology program, plus more!

I am finding it personally empowering to know why I’m doing what I’m doing. I’m not unique! Many women want to learn. We want to know that it is worth our time and effort and money, and it needs to be enjoyable!

Naturopathic Yoga

Amy has included snippets of Naturopathic philosophy and physiology throughout the class. We discover the organs that are being stimulated and regulated by the specific poses.

Very few yoga classes will ever go into this much detail.

Naturopathic Yoga gives you the bonus of education while exercising!

We love to know more about why we need to breathe and move!

Yoga is an ancient healing modality. We have brought modern day science and the ancient wisdoms into each sequence in order for you to become more empowered and inspired to care about your health and wellbeing.

When we know more, we DO more; this program can help you on your way.

You may do classes daily, weekly or as you like, at your leisure and in your own home.

Access to Naturopathic Yoga flows through my clinic is just $20 per month.

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