Here is 5 reasons to trust me to help you!

1. I tell it like it is

If you are eating the things that aren’t right for you I’m going to tell you to change your ways. Pasta carbonara and weight release do not go together. On that, if you tell me you are aiming for an ideal weight of 90kg , we need to talk. We will cut through the message of being fat, tired and confused. I will say things to you that your best friend won’t but guess what, I’ve also got the answers for you and I’ll say it lovingly.

2. I work on results

My methods may seem a little abstract at times, but all my recommendations are from evidence based research. Natural medicine today goes through so many hoops just to be accepted! We use a combination of modern testing in combination with your GP or specialist and traditional treatment therapies – herbs, diet, homoeopathics, nutrients, mindwork like EFT and flower essences, and bodywork. If we don’t see positive results we change tack.

3. My approach comes from all angles whilst covering the basics

A diagnosis is not a prerequisite for a successful treatment plan. You don’t see the foundations of a house but they are essential for the strength of the building. Same goes for body structure. We will look at your symptoms and aim for relief, then focus on what has contributed to where you now find yourself. We will address your health body, mind, spirit and soul – physically, mentally and spiritually.

4. My proven track record

I’ve worked in the health industry for 38 years, 25 years as a Registered Nurse and now 23 years as a qualified Naturopath. Fully educated, university standard, ongoing education, voracious reader and researcher. I’ve helped a lot of people along the way to feel and be a lot better. Thousands. And proud of it!

5. Receive my free report

Make sure you grab my informative FREE Report called: The Busy Woman’s Guide to Health. 5 minute health boosters. Short and sweet, you’ll discover some of the easiest steps you can start taking today to bring back health to your life. Sometimes, the first step is the hardest, this makes it easy!

Looking for one-on-one support?

EMEPIC JS Vitality Session

Total health assessment

$150 per hour via Zoom


Health questionnaire/assessment

Follow up emails as needed

*Product fee additional when applicable

Please contact me to discover when working with me would be your best strategy.

And of course there are also in-clinic and general online consultations!

EMEPIC JS Inperson SessionTotal health assessment

$150 for a 60-70 minute initial consult

$125 general consult per hour

Buy 3 x general consults and save! $315, save $60 (must be used within 6 months)

30 minute $65

15 minute quickie update $35

Children under 16 years (up to 60 minutes $95)

Bowen Therapy Session $85

Health Coaching Session $125

Buy 3 x coaching sessions and save! $315, save $60 (must be used within 6 months)

Naturopathic Yoga $25 per month – use movement to enhance your healing

Testing options I find most valuable for the answers :

EMEPIC JS Health Ass
Iridology – included in your assessment

Tongue and Nail Diagnosis – included in your assessment

Various Health Questionnaires – included in your assessment

Cell Health Testing – $25 includes body composition and quality, inflammation levels, fluid levels and other health parameters

Blood Microscopy – $65 and you can see your blood on the screen! Also dry blood screening for another fascinating peek.

Hair Testing 500+ items – food and household items showing your sensitivities $246 for clients, $286 for non-clients

Blocker half

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis – showing general and toxic heavy mineral levels $180 + follow-up appointment

Salivary Hormone Testing – sex and adrenal hormones – paid directly to lab $245 for 7 hormones (varies with your requirements)

Functional laboratory testing – includes thyroid, chemical, hormone, gut, vitamin and mineral levels – paid directly to lab

Find out more about our 8 Week Hormone Detox Program click the image below to read more >>

EMEPIC JS Hormone Detox