Today is a day when women all over the world come together to show their unity and strength.

I feel blessed to have been born female. I was one of 5 girls and as I grew up I only ever wanted to be a mum of a little girl myself. I got 5 boys! Plus an extra boy and a stepdaughter whom I love dearly. I now have 12 grandchildren and 10 are girls. Love it! I watch them grow, develop their own personalities and I wonder who they will become. The boys and the girls I mean.

Sadly, we live in a world where many women are marginalised and not permitted to grow into their potential. I don’t wish to enter debate on politics or religion, but I will say that I find these topics abhorrent in certain instances. The sexualisation of little children, the genital mutilation, the creation of war that leaves a child defenceless, then the oppression of a women’s voice later in her life. From domestic violence to the fight for financial equality, the fight will continue throughout. Always having to prove her worth, to fight for her freedoms, to take on more than her share.

My dream is that all the little children of the world will become who they want to become. The little boys and the little girls. I dream that the draconian ways of past times will be just that, past. I dream that they will be guided by good hearted parents, grandparents and friends. I know we will never rid the world of the bad, but I dream that good will overtake the bad. I want to imagine a world of peace, and flowers and sunshine.

Women are the ones to dream these dreams. We do it well. And we do not stop. We don’t have to base our dreams on fact or the present. We can look ahead and with our collective consciousness we can change our world and make our dreams reality. Please, keep on dreaming ladies. Build a better place for the littlies. We are strong enough.