john wesley quote

A wise man, John Wesley, wrote that.

I am happy and grateful I am able to bring a smile to a tired, anxious and sometimes tearful face.

I work as a Naturopath. Each day I sit beside my clients and hear their stories.

I hear joy, and I hear despair.

I hear of giving up, and more often than not I hear that I am a last try.

I take no offense! I am grateful they end up at my door.

There is nothing better than having tears turn into a smile.

Nothing better than hearing the words “I feel better just having spoken with you!”

Sometimes a health concern is not about the body. It may be about relationships, personalities, or money.

Together, let’s get started on a fix.

Sometimes people just need to have someone to hear them – to know they have value, and that their opinions and feelings matter.

I can talk – a lot! But I can also listen.

And for that skill, I am ever grateful.

Are you being listened to, or heard?