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The place for the health conscious yet “unhealthy” person to discover how to be that person they WANT to be. Are you leading a double life?
Do you ever feel that you show one face to the mirror and another to the world?
Are you shouting the benefits of vegetable smoothies whilst eating a bar of choccy?
Perhaps you’ve noticed when winter arrives, you’re still trying to get bikini ready for summer?
Or you’ve just had 8 hours sleep and feel like it’s bedtime?

Do you want help to identify and resolve the causes of you being unwell and not ‘the you’ that you want to be?

Hello, I’m Jeanette Shipston, I’m a Women’s Health and Vitality Specialist, and I am here to help you.


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Our medical doctors and surgeons are brilliant with repairing your body after an accident or injury but chronic illnesses and many disorders can have dramatic improvements with lifestyle changes.
Basically that is what it’s all about. Lifestyle changes. Macro changes on the outside plus micro changes on the inside equalling:

Rejuvenation :: Regeneration :: Revitalization

If this sounds like something you’d like to work on, and you’re curious about how to become more alive, more well, and more VITAL, sign up below to receive your free ebook and then book an appointment with me to get started.

The purpose of my work is to get both you and me through life, happy and well.

My vision is that each person passing through these doors leaves with hope in their heart for a happy and healthy future.

My mission is to use traditional medicine, to correctly identify the causes of illness, to encourage remedial actions and to envelop wholism and holism.

My values include passion and compassion; value for money, time and effort; wholistic approach; respect; courage; personalisation of health; choice and integrity.