September is National Suicide Prevention month.

I have my own story to tell. A good few years ago I got myself into a position where I could easily have driven my car into a tree whilst heading down the highway. I felt it would be easier to be dead than live with what was in my head. I wasn’t depressed. I was stressed. I was overwhelmed. I was stuck.

I had a massive dilemma going on in my mind. I had lost myself. I didn’t know who I was. I wasn’t happy. Wasn’t where I wanted to be in my work, my relationship, in my…in me. I didn’t know where to turn. I didn’t know who to turn to.

But that’s not all. My body was aching – all over. And I was tired. So tired. I was faking my life whilst my mind and brain felt on fire. I just wanted to shut my eyes and have it all disappear.

I desperately wanted someone to notice. To ask me. To look into my eyes and just know. But no one did. And I had never felt more alone in my whole life.

And how could I tell someone of these thoughts? Of my personal ‘stuff’? Did I even have a friend close enough to share this with? Would it be better to tell someone who wasn’t that close?

Truth is none of us really know how much someone else is hurting. We could be standing right there, beside someone who is completely broken, and have no idea. And maybe, just maybe, if you don’t ask they have no way to say it first.

But I did tell someone. I think it scared them a bit. Actually I know it did. But once I’d said it, as I drove home and sobbed as I drove, I felt that little bit lighter.

I’ve heard similar stories from some of my beautiful clients. We’re living in a world of demands, rules, conditions and regulations. Things don’t always work out as we’d have planned. Money, family, relationships, drugs, work, our health, politics, world events, the weather, tragedies. Does it never stop?

I did take action. I went to the doctor for an assessment. My blood pressure was up, my iron count was down. But that was enough. I started working on that and as I felt better I did some further investigations myself (One of the benefits of being a practitioner!). My body still ached – I believe I would have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

I have access to a food sensitivity test that gives great results I see in practice every day. When I eliminated the foods that registered as no’s for me – primarily eggs, chicken, tomato and coffee – my pain disappeared in four days. Yes, four days! I couldn’t believe it! To be pain free for the first time in seven years was exhilarating! And yes, it lasted with me following the advice!

I knew there’d be more to it though. With help I looked at my thyroid and adrenal glands. These two glands, I believe, would be the most important glands for a woman to get under control and have working throughout her life. Regular blood tests won’t always reveal the full story of your health. Further studies may be advised. For myself, I discovered the beginning of an autoimmune disorder and adrenal fatigue.

I believe that mind body and soul need to be in sync. As I addressed my physical and mental needs I felt a lot better and everything in my life took on new energy. My outlook improved, and things began to get fixed up. Stress needs sorting and treating. The body needs to be well and functioning. The mind will be calmed. And so, we live to face another day, sometimes with a smile, and sometimes with a frown 🙂


If I can help you with something similar please don’t hesitate to make contact. Vitality means life!