How’s your energy? The year is coming to an end! Christmas is just around the corner! Months have vanished! We are working, schooling, cleaning, planning, doing, doing, doing! How’s your energy? Are you a 10/10 and bursting with life?….

Aside from being busy, what makes us tired? Fatigue and low energy can be due to several reasons:

Nutritional Causes—deficiencies in the diet, anaemia, nutrient malabsorption.

Endocrine Causes—fatigued adrenals, hypothyroidism, low blood sugars or diabetes.

Metabolic Causes—sleep disorders like apnoea, insomnia or restless legs, chronic pain, inflammatory bowel disorders like coeliac, Crohn’s and IBS, Parkinsons or cardio-vascular disease.

Immunological Causes—recent infection, viral illness, cancer, Autoimmune disorders, bowel toxicity, food allergies.

Psychological Causes—stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression.

Environmental Causes—pollutants and contaminants, lead or mercury poisoning, drug/medication effects, liver toxicity, EMF interference.

In-clinic blood and cell testing together with hair and saliva can determine the root causes of many of these problems, then natural medicine can give the solutions!

Do you need testing and sorting? Contact me for your Vitality Restoration Session. Why are you so tired?

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